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It is based on Budh and Sukra Grahas. Budh Graha is 70% and Sukra Graha is 20%.

According to the movement of Grahas Budh and Sukra, Almond's consumption and prices will vary From 13th December 2014, 1 pm to 1st January 2015, 2 pm as Budh is in Thanur rasi along with Sukra.

From 6th December 2014, 5 am to 30th December 2014, 4.00 am Sukra is in Thanur rasi with Budh. From 13th December 2014, 1 pm to 30th December 2014, 4 am Budh and Sukra together are there in Thanur rasi. This period is coming first time after 4 months wherein these 2 Grahas will be staying comfortably together. It will give high turnover, trading will pick up with good profits expectations,Traders who utilise this period will benift the most of the coming months.

Trade will resume, with good demand & less of disturbances.Good time to be part of Almond Business.


These deal indications are only advisory in nature and may not be true in 100% cases. Read more....