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Cloves are governed and influnced by the movements of Rahu-60% and Sukra 40%. Depending upon these 2 Grahas movement the prices as well consumption patter changes.


Upto 21st march 2015, 12 pm rahu is in kanya rasi, hastha natchathra 2nd pathasara is good for this industry. It will keep the traders busy with making money through some good demand.


But from 12th March 2015, 7 pm to 6th April 2015, 7 am Sukra is in Mesa rasi. This sukra’s placement is not supportive to Cloves trading and accordingly in this period upto 6th april 2015 cloves industry looks ideal or gradual improvement only.



These deal indications are only advisory in nature and may not be true in 100% cases. Read more....