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Pistachios are governed by 2 Grahas- Guru and Mangal 50/50. According to Guru and Mangal’s movement prices and consmption patter changes.


Upto 7th April 2015, 6 am retrograde Guru in karka rasi, ashlasha natchathra is good enough to pickup the saleso. Around 5 to 15 % up is possible.


Upto 23march 2015, 11 am mangal is in meena rasi looks by guru is good to pickup both in purchase and sales.


So upto 23rd also there after till 7th april also because of mangal purchasers, sellers and marketing people can get enough profit, benefit and success. So it is a best time for this industry.



These deal indications are only advisory in nature and may not be true in 100% cases. Read more....