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Almonds are governed by Budh and Sukra Grahas, with Budh Graha dominating by 70% and Sukra Graha by 30%.


Basis the movements of Grahas...... Budh and Sukra, Almond’s prices and consumption pattern changes.


From 9th March 2015, 7 am to 28th March 2015, 1 am Budh is in Kumbha rasi.


From 12th March 2015, 7 pm to 6th April 2015, 7 am Sukra is in Mesa rasi.


Budh’s placement is good in Kumbha rasi in these 19 days. the prices,demand and consumption will improve and accordingly it benefits both buyers and sellers.



But Sukra’s placement not very encouraging still it is good for regular day to day activity, No need to take long positions till these Graha's change there positions, So these days are comfortable with gradual profits and demand.



These deal indications are only advisory in nature and may not be true in 100% cases. Read more....