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It is ruling goverened by 2 Grahas- Guru and Mangal with ratio of 50/50.Prices vary according to Guru and Mangal's movement .

From 9th December 2014, 6 am to 12th January 2015, 6 pm Guru's position is in normal mode. It is not that much powerful to support market flow. It is a normal time with ups and downs, normally without benefit.

From 10th December 2014, to 5th January 2015 5 am, Mangal is in Magara Rasi and is good for regular flow and with normal business trading.

So in this 9th December to 5th January 2015, the market is not steady and profitable. Sometimes looks good but normally both the purchase and sales are very normal. Particularly for investment it is not supporting


These deal indications are only advisory in nature and may not be true in 100% cases. Read more....